Bachelor Program

Are you interested in issues of peace and development? Wondering why people participate in armed conflicts? We offer a 3-year Bachelor's Program in Peace and Development Studies.

Call for applications: Minor Field Studies Scholarships 2015. Deadline 9 April.

Master Program

One of the most popular programs at Uppsala University, our 2-year Master Program in Peace and Conflict Studies brings together students from all corners of the world. The program prepares graduates for a professional career as analysts or researchers within the international field of peace and conflict.

Call for applications: Minor Field Studies Scholarships 2015. Deadline 9 April.

Freestanding Courses

The Department offers a number of freestanding courses at the undergraduate and advanced levels.

Uppsala Rotary Peace Center

The Department is proud to host one of the six Rotary International Peace Centers. Students from all over the world can apply to Rotary scholarships to pursue a Master in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Department.

PhD Program

We offer a 4-year PhD program in Peace and Conflict Research.


Magnus Öberg (Head of Department)
Phone: +46 (0)18 471 27 87

Karen Brounéus (Director of Studies)
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 23 27

Kristine Höglund (Director of Studies, PhD Programme)
Phone: +46 (0)18-471 63 87

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Welcome to the Department of Peace and Conflict Research

The department welcomes new PhD candidates

During the spring, five new PhD candidates have begun their doctoral studies at the department. They will be working on issues of key relevance for contemporary peace and conflict research, including the economics of peace and conflict, transboundary water cooperation and environmental negotiations. We welcome Eric Skoog, Stefan Döring, Charlotte Grech-Madin, Kyungmee Kim and Annkatrin Tritschoks to the department.

Roundtable on Nordic peace research

Professor Kristine Höglund and Associate Professor Isak Svensson participated in a roundtable on Nordic Peace Research, arranged at the 50th Anniversary Symposium for the journal Cooperation and Conflict in Lund on the 7th and 8th of May. The roundtable focused the trajectory of Nordic peace research, its aim and contribution, as well as the future for Nordic peace research.

More news from the Department

Regional Organizations in Focus in New York

Policy dialogue on peacekeeping and mediation

Introductory event of the International Centre for Water Cooperation

The department welcomes visiting guest from New Zeeland

UCDP presented at the Diplomatic Forum in Stockholm

DPCR Researchers on National Television

For more news, please see News Archive.


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Speaker Series

"Creating, Extending, and Validating Latent Variable Models of Human Rights and Repression"

28 May, 13.15-15.00 (Sal 2, Gamla Torget 3)

On 28 May, Christopher J. Fariss, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Penn State University, will hold a lecture on "Creating, Extending, and Validating Latent Variable Models of Human Rights and Repression". The Speaker Series lectures are open to the public. Most welcome!

For more information see the Speaker Series webpage.

Dissertations 2015

Angela Muvumba Sellström defended her dissertation: "Stronger than Justice - Armed Group Impunity for Sexual Violence" on 17 January, in Auditoriet, Muesum Gustavianum. The opponent was Professor Chandra Lekha Sriram, University of East London.


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Recent Publications

For a complete list of publications from the Dept. of Peace and Conflict Research, please see Publications.

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Käihkö, Ilmari. (2015). "'Taylor must go' - the strategy of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy". Small Wars & Insurgencies 26:2, 248-270

See interview with Ilmari Käihkö regarding the publication for more information. (In Swedish)

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