News Archive for 2014

DPCR Congratulates New Doctor in Peace Research

On February 7th Johan Brosché successfully defended his thesis Masters of War: The Role of Elites in Sudan’s Communal Conflicts. The thesis addresses the causes of communal conflict, draws on extensive field work in Sudan and entails a comparison of two conflict-ridden regions (Darfur and Greater Upper Nile), with a more peaceful one (Eastern Sudan). To explain the prevalence of communal conflict the study explores how government bias entices conflict, and engages with theories related to common pool resources as well as more actor-oriented perspectives from the study of civil wars. Faculty opponent at the defense was Professor Catherine Boone, London School of Economics. 

View the defence of the Ph. D. thesis Masters of War: The Role of Elites in Sudan’s Communal Conflicts. 

Causes of Peace – The Botswana, Zambia and Malawi “Zone of Peace”: A New Research Project 

The Swedish Research Council (U-forsk) has awarded the department a research grant to study the causes of peace. Botswana, Malawi and Zambia constitute a ‘Zone of Peace’ spared from violent conflict since independence. The project aims to explain why peace has prevailed in these countries, despite being located in the world’s most volatile continent and with all their neighbors struck by conflict. For more information, contact Kristine Höglund (project leader) or Johan Brosché

Master programme in peace and conflict studies the most popular at Uppsala University

After the international application round that just closed, the department's master programme received the most first-hand applicants of all master programmes offered at Uppsala University. See the official announcement for more details. 

- We are of course proud to offer an attractive programme that brings brilliant students from around the world to Uppsala. At the same time, the international interest is partly what makes it such a high-quality programme. The diverse backgrounds of students bring interesting perspectives into the classroom and the students enjoy the international atmosphere, says Lisa Hultman, Director of Studies at the department. 

For Swedish students interested in applying to the programme, the deadline is 15 April (see