Colin Walch

Assistant Professor

Post-Doctoral Researcher at The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science, UC Berkeley

Research Associate at the Centre for Natural Disasters Science

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Research Areas

Building resilience amidst armed conflict; Effect of armed conflict on disaster response and recovery; Disaster risk reduction and management in insecure contexts; Early warning and evacuations; Peace negotiation and natural disaster; Rebel group governance; Recruitment and desertion; Philippines; Colombia; India; Liberia; Sri Lanka; Mali; Myanmar.


Lecturer in International Negotiation, MA level.

Lecturer in Conflict Resolution, BA level.

Lecturer in Disaster Risk Management, MA level

Seminar leader in Method and Essay, BA level. 

Thesis supervisor, MA level.



Walch, Colin (2016) "Conflict in the Eye of the Storm: Micro-dynamics of Natural Disasters, Cooperation and Armed Conflict" Doctoral thesis. Report/Department of Peace and Conflict Research 107. Uppsala: Uppsala University.

Peer Reviewed articles

Walch, Colin (2016) "Rethinking Ripeness theory: Explaining Progress and Failure in Civil War Negotiations in the Philippines and Colombia" International Negotiation, 21(19):75-103.

Walch, Colin (2015) "Expertise and policy-making in disaster risk reduction". Nature Climate Change, 5(8):706-707.

Walch, Colin (2014), “Collaboration or obstruction? Rebel group behavior during natural disaster relief in the Philippines.” Political Geography 43: 40-50.

Other publications

Walch, Colin, Stein, Sabrina. (2016) Implicaciones humanitarias de la violence no convencional en el Triangulo Norte de Centro America y Mexico, Social Science Research Council, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum. Available on Relief Web.

Walch, Colin (2016) "Syria’s war and the (overstated) role of climate change", The New Arab, October 2016

Walch, Colin (2013), “Typhoon Haiyan: natural disaster meets armed conflict”Open Democracy, 26 November 2013.

Walch, Colin (2012), “Peace in Colombia? A regional perspective on a regional Problem”New routes, 17 (4) pp.10-12. 

Walch, Colin (2010), “Climate change, Disaster risk reduction and Peace-building: Analyzing the linkages and offering suggestions”. Research report for CARE Netherlands.

Working papers

Walch, Colin (2017) “Climate change and armed violence in Mali: State bias, weakened customary institutions and increased presence of armed groups” 

Walch, Colin and Nordström, Niklas (2016) "Exploring the predictors of post-disaster recovery: Evidence from a household survey following typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines".

Walch, Colin (2014), “Mobilization, recruitment and desertion in rebel groups after natural disasters in the Philippines”. Presented at Uppsala University Research Seminar, October 2014.

Walch, Colin (2014), “Should I stay or should I go? People’s Response to evacuation orders before natural disasters in the Philippines and India”. Presented at the Stockholm Forum on Natural Disaster, November 2014.

Walch, Colin (2012) Armed conflicts and the management of natural disasters: Toward a greater understanding of the linkages. Paper presented at the Swedish National Conference in Peace and Conflict Research. School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Previous experience

- Program assistant, Norwegian Refugee Council, Brussels, 2011.

- Assistant Field observer, the Organization of American States Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (OAS-MAPP), Colombia, 2011.

- Junior expert in Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction and Peace-Building, CARE Netherlands in Liberia, 2010. 

Colin Walch
Assistant Professor

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