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Research Areas 

Electoral violence; political institutions armed conflict; democratization and autocratization; violence against civilians; security implications of climate change; Nigeria; Kenya.

Current Research

The Institutional Roots of Electoral Violence

Political legacies of electoral violence: Understanding challenges for democratic transition

Climate Change, Food Insecurity and Violent Conflict


MA level: Master thesis supervision and examination.

PhD level: principal supervisor to Ida Rudolfsen and assistant supervisor to Emma Elfversson and Eric Skoog. Co-convener for one of the department’s PhD supervision groups.


Peer Reviewed Articles   

Fjelde, Hanne, Lisa Hultman and Sara Lindberg Bromley (2017). “Offsetting Losses: Bargaining Power and Rebel Attacks on Peacekeepers”  International Studies Quarterly 60(4) 611-623.

von Uexkull, N., Croicu, M., Fjelde, H., and Buhaug, H. (2016). Civil conflict sensitivity to growing-season drought. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences113(44), 12391–12396. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1607542113

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Fjelde, Hanne. 2009. Sins of Omission and Commission. The Quality of Government and Civil Conflict. Report No. 88, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University.

Other academic writing

Fjelde, Hanne, Lisa Hultman, and Ralph Sundberg. 2018. “Actor characteristics of perpetrators of violence against civilians”. Eds. Backer, David A., Jonathan Wilkenfeld and Paul K. Huth. Peace and Conflict 2018. Routledge, UK.

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Blog Posts and Popular Science Articles

Fjelde, Hanne and Kristine Höglund, 2016. “Here’s One Way to Prevent Electoral Violence.” Monkey Cage, April 27.

Fjelde, Hanne and Kristine Höglund, 2016. ”Våld vid valurnorna – vad beror det på?” Mänsklig säkerhet, June 1.

Fjelde, Hanne and Lisa Hultman 2015. ”Ethnicity and Collective Targeting in Civil War” Political Violence at a Glance. April 13

Höglund, Kristine and Hanne Fjelde, 2013. ”Fredslobotomi eller hållbar demokrati? Kenya framtid osäker trots fredliga val.” Internationella studier (2): 10-12.

Hanne Fjelde

Hanne Fjelde
Associate Professor

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