Kyungmee Kim

Ph.D. Candidate

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Research Areas

Civilians in civil war, rebel groups, environmental security, water, qualitative method, case study, Myanmar/Burma


Peace and Conflict Studies A: Peace and Security in the International System

Peace and Conflict Studies B: Method and Thesis 


Peer reviewed articles

Jägerskog, A., & Kim, K. (2016). Land acquisition: a means to mitigate water scarcity and reduce conflict?. Hydrological Sciences Journal61(7), 1338-1345.

Book chapters

Kim, K. & Swain, A. (2017). Crime, Corruption, Terrorism and Beyond: A Typology of Water Crime. In The Human Face of Water Security, edited by Devlaeminck, D., Adeel, Z., & Sanford, R., Springer

Kim, Kyungmee and Jägerskog, Anders (2016) “Overseas investment in land and challenges in the Nile Basin: evident links from the Middle East and North Africa investment” in “Land and hydropolitics in the Nile River Basin – Challenges and new investments” edited by Sandström, Jägerskog, and Oestigaard.


Kim, K., & Glaumann, K. (2013). Transboundary Water Management: who does what, where?. Stockholm International Water Institute: Stockholm.

Jägerskog, A., Cascão, A., Hårsmar, M., & Kim, K. (2012). Land acquisitions: how will they impact transboundary waters. Stockholm International Water Institute: Stockholm.

Conference Paper

Kim, K., & Jägerskog, A. (2013). Extending the water connection-Land acquisitions and economic development. Land and Poverty Conference, World Bank: Washington D.C.

Other Publications

Kim, K. (2017) "Rethinking Myanmar’s waterways through Foucault’s biopolitics” in Tea Circle An Oxford Forum for New Perspective on Burma/Myanmar, February 20, 2017

Kim, K. (2016) "Water politics in Burma: New government faces conundrum in China’s stalled mega-dam” in International Centre for Water Cooperation Blog, September 20, 2016

Kim, K. (2013). “Alarming risks for food shortages in Cambodia and the Mekong region”. SIWI: Stockholm. URL: 

Kim, K. & Matthews, N. (2014). “Justice: A valuable concept for transboundary water management” Water Front, Opinion. SIWI: Stockholm. 

EU Water Initiative (2013). "Mapping of Financial Support to Transboundary Water Cooperation in Africa". EU Water Initiative Africa Working Group: Stockholm. 


Research School Member of the International Centre for Water Cooperation, UNESCO Category II Centre, Stockholm

Previous experience

2012. 2 -2015. 2: Programme officer, Transboundary Water Management, Stockholm International Water Institute, Stockholm.

2011.11: Consultant, Democracy and Diversity programme, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA). Contributed: Kim, K. (2011). Brides from the South: Inclusion of female marriage immigrants to South Korean society through new legislations. Unpublished work.

2011. 4- 2011. 12: Research Assistant, Centre for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University, Uppsala.

2010. 9- 2010. 12: External liaison intern, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Headquarters, New York.

Kyungmee Kim
Ph.D. candidate

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