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Research Areas

Main areas of research

Protection of civilians, the political psychology of war and violence, the disaggregated study of civil war, military sociology, veteran research


Course convenor, Alternative methods (Bachelor's level)

Thesis examiner (Bachelor's level and Master's level)

Thesis supervisor (Bachelor's and Master's level)

Lecturer and seminar teacher, Master's methods (also at the National Defence College, Sweden)

External referee for:

Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Conflict Management & Peace Science, Journal of Personality, British Journal of Political Science



Sundberg, Ralph, 2015, "Values and Attitudes across Peace Operations: Change and Stability in the Political Psychology of Swedish ISAF Soldiers, Ph.D. dissertation, Uppsala University

Peer-reviewed articles

Ruffa, Chiara, and Ralph Sundberg, (forthcoming), "Breaking the Frame: Frame Dissonance of War and Peace", Acta Sociologica.

Sundberg, Ralph, 2017 (forthcoming), "Change and Stability in Attitudes toward Violence during ISAF Service", Military Psychology

Sundberg, Ralph, 2016, "Value Change and Stability in an ISAF Contingent", Journal of Personality, Vol.84, Issue 1, p.91-101

Gustavsson, Gina, van der Noll, Jolanda, & Ralph Sundberg, 2016, "Opposing the Veil in the Name of Liberalism: Popular Attitudes to Liberalism and Muslim Veiling in the Netherlands", Ethnic and Racial Studies, DOI:10.1080/01419870.2015.1124126

Sundberg, Ralph, 2014 , "Violent Values: Exploring the Relationship Between Human Values and Violent Attitudes", Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, Vol.20, Issue 1, p.68-83

Sundberg, Ralph, & Erik Melander, 2013, "Introducing the UCDP Georeferenced Event Dataset (UCDP GED)", Journal of Peace Research, Vol.50, No.4, 523-532

Sundberg, Ralph, Kristine Eck and Joakim Kreutz, 2012, "Introducing the UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset", Journal of Peace Research, Vol.49, No.2, March 2012

Hicks, Madelyn Hsiao-Rei, Uih Ran Lee, Ralph Sundberg, and Mike Spagat, 2011, "Global Comparison of Warring Groups in 2002-2007: Fatalities from Targeting Civilians vs. Fighting Battles", PLoS ONE 6 (9)

Höglund, Kristine and Ralph Sundberg. 2008. "Reconciliation through Sports? The Case of South Africa", Third World Quarterly, June 2008

Edited volumes

Harbom, Lotta and Ralph Sundberg (eds.), 2009, "States in Armed Conflict 2008", Uppsala: Universitetstryckeriet

Harbom, Lotta and Ralph Sundberg (eds.). 2008. "States in Armed Conflict 2007", Uppsala: Universitetstryckeriet

Book chapters

Fjelde, Hanne, Lisa Hultman, Margareta Sollenberg and Ralph Sundberg, (forthcoming) “Spatial patterns of violence against civilians”. Eds. Backer, David A., Jonathan Wilkenfeld and Paul K. Huth. Peace and Conflict 2017. Routledge, UK.

Höglund, Kristine, Melander, Erik, Sollenberg, Margareta & Ralph Sundberg, 2016, “Armed Conflict and Space”, in Björkdahl, Annika & Buckley-Zistel, Susanne, eds., Spatializing Peace and Conflict, Palgrave-Macmillan

Sundberg, Ralph (2016), "A Veteran At Last", in Holmberg, Arita, & Hallenberg, Jan, eds., The Swedish Presence in Afghanistan: Security and Defence Transformation, Ashgate's Military Strategy and Operational Art Series

Sundberg, Ralph and Lotta Harbom, 2011, "Systematic Data Collection: Experiences from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program", in Kristine Höglund & Magnus Öberg eds., Understanding Peace Research: Methods and Challenges. London & New York: Routledge

Sundberg, Ralph, 2009, "Revisiting One-sided Violence - A Global and Regional Analysis", UCDP Paper No.3, Uppsala University: Department of Peace and Conflict Research

Sundberg, Ralph. 2008. "Collective Violence 2002 - 2007: Global and Regional Trends", in Harbom Lotta and Ralph Sundberg (eds.), States in Armed Conflict 2007, Uppsala: Universitetstryckeriet

Jarstad, Anna and Ralph Sundberg. 2007. "Peace by Pact: Data On the Implementation of Peace Agreements", in Swain, Ashok, Ramses Amer and Joakim Öjendal, Globalization and the Challenge of Building Peace, London: Anthem Press


Croicu, Mihai and Ralph Sundberg, 2015, “UCDP GED Codebook version 2.0”, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University

Sundberg, Ralph, Mathilda Lindgren and Ausra Padskocimaite, 2010, "UCDP Georeferenced Event Dataset (UCDP GED codebook", Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University

Sundberg, Ralph, 2010, "UCDP Actors dataset codebook" (earlier versions), Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University

Sundberg, Ralph, 2009, "UCDP Non-state conflict codebook v.2.1" (earlier versions by Kristine Eck and Joakim Kreutz", Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University

Nilsson, Desirée, Isak Svensson, and Ralph Sundberg, 2006, "TOPAD - The Terms of Peace Agreements Dataset", Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University

Assorted popular science and op-eds

Sundberg, Ralph, 2015, "Utred konsekvenserna för svenska Afghanistanveteraner" (Investigate the consequences for Sweden's Afghan veterans"), Mänsklig Säkerhet, 6/11 2015, (http://manskligsakerhet.se/2015/11/06/utred-konsekvenserna-for-svenska-soldater-i-afghanistan/)

Sundberg, Ralph, 2015, ”Att släppa taget om makten” (”To let go off power”), Mänsklig Säkerhet, 31/8 2015 (http://manskligsakerhet.se/2015/08/31/att-slappa-taget-om-makten/)

Sundberg, Ralph, 2015, "Den nya feministiska given", Mänsklig Säkerhet, 25/8 2015 (http://manskligsakerhet.se/2015/08/25/den-nya-feministiska-given/)

Sundberg, Ralph, 2015, "Slutoffensiven mot Boko Haram", Mänsklig Säkerhet, 20/5 2012 (http://manskligsakerhet.se/2015/05/20/slutoffensiven-mot-boko-haram/)

Johan Brosché and Ralph Sundberg, 2013, "Katastrof i Sysudan måste förhindras", SvD Brännpunkt 22/12 2013 (http://www.svd.se/opinion/brannpunkt/katastrof-i-sydsudan-maste-forhindras_8846558.svd)

Sundberg, Ralph, 2013, "Psykologin i SD:s väljarbas", Svensk Tidskrift 16 augusti 2013 (http://www.svensktidskrift.se/?p=62969)

Multiple contribtions over the years 2008-2013 to Säkerhetspolitik.se's World Map of Conflicts (http://www.sakerhetspolitik.se/Konflikter/), run by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Sundberg, Ralph, 2013, "Mali - kulmen på ett amerikanskt misslyckande", Magasinet Neo, Nr.2, 2013

Sundberg, Ralph, 2012, "Syriens och Libanons dödsdans", Frivärld Magasin 20 november 2012  (http://www.frivarld.se/magasin/syriens-och-libanons-dodsdans/)

Sundberg, Ralph, with Johan Brosché, 2012, "Ställ tuffa krav på Sydsudan", Arena, Nr.2, April 2012

Marcus Nilsson and Ralph Sundberg, 2012, "Bakom Somalias kulisser", Frivärld Magasin 2 oktober 2012 (http://www.frivarld.se/magasin/bakom-somalias-kulisser/)

Sundberg, Ralph, 2010, "Munväder om klimatkrig", Magasinet Neo, Nr.6, 2010

Ralph Sundberg and Stefan Vestergren, 2006, “Missed Opportunities in the Wake of Disaster – The Bargaining Process Applied to Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka”, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Minor Field Study


Ralph Sundberg
Post doc and UCDP affiliate

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