Data from the Department

A wide range of data is collected by researchers at the department. A selection of the publically available data, as well as the UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia (UCDP database), can be accesed through the links below. More data will be added shortly.


UCDP Datasets UCDP Datasets

The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) offers a number of datasets on organised violence and peacemaking, most of which are updated on an annual basis. A complete list of datasets are available in the UCDP data section, which also holds the datasets' individual pages where the datasets, codebooks and version histories can be downloaded. 

For datasets used by UCDP authors of articles appearing in academic publications, see Replication Datasets in the UCDP's data section.

UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia UCDO Conflict Encyclopedia

The UCDP Conflict Encyclopedia (UCDP database) is an online, free of charge, database containing detailed descriptive information on armed conflicts, peace agreements, and several other aspects of organised violence. Coverage is global with information from 1946 and onwards.

Other datasets

The IMPACT (Implementation of Pacts) Dataset, version 2.0 

IMPACT is a dataset covering the implementation of power sharing pacts in peace agreements.
By Anna Jarstad, Desirée Nilsson & Ralph Sundberg

IMPACT-version 2.0 (.dta)
IMPACT-version 2.0

Replication data

Community and Consent Community and Consent

Repclication data for the article "Community and Consent: Unarmed Insurrections in Non-democracies" by Isak Svensson and Mathilda Lindgren. The article was publsihed in the European Journal of International Relations in 2011.