Recent Sanctions-related UN Resolutions 

5 December 2011 –With Resolution 2023 the Security Council decides to further expand the mandate of the Monitoring Group re-established by resolution 2002 (2011) to monitor and report on implementation of the measures imposed in this resolution. 

23 December 2009 –The Security Council imposes an arms embargo on Eritrea and economic sanctions (freezing of assets) on Eritrean political and military leadership with resolution 1907. It also decides to expand the mandate of the Committee and the Monitoring Group to monitor the implementation of the sanctions and to designate individuals and entities subject to sanctions.


The Security Council decided to impose arms embargo and economic sanctions after finding out that Eritrea had provided support to armed groups undermining peace and reconciliation in Somalia and also that it had not withdrawn its troops following clashes with Djibouti in June 2008. Eritrea has refused to engage in dialogue with Djibouti. The concern was that Eritrea through these acts was undermining security in the region.

Recent resolutions by the UNSC

North Korea

30 November 2016 – With Resolution 2321 the Security Council decides that Members of the Government of DPRK and vessels believed to be related to nuclear- or ballistic missile-related programmes or activities prohibited Security Council resolutions, shall be prohibited from entering Member States’ territories and ports. Member states shall prohibit DPRK from using real property in their territory for any purpose other than diplomatic activities and take necessary measures to close bank accounts in DPRK within 90 days.

A ban on DPRK’s selling, and Member States’ procurement, of copper, nickel, silver and zink is imposed.

The mandate of the Committee set out in resolution 1718 shall apply also to the measures imposed in this resolution.


10 November 2016 – With Resolution 2317 the Security Council decides to renew the provisions set out in resolution 2142 (2014) stating that the arms embargo on Somalia shall not apply deliveries of weapons, ammunition or military equipment or the provision of advice, assistance or training, intended solely for the development of the Security Forces of the Federal Government of Somalia to provide security for the Somali people. 

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