UCDP Peace Agreement Dataset

UCDP Peace Agreement Dataset v. 2.0, 1975-2011

Content: The new Peace Agreement dataset, that covers peace agreements signed between at least two opposing primary warring parties in an armed conflict 1975-2011. The dataset is compatible with the UCDP Dyadic Dataset v. 1-2012, and UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset v.4-2012. It has been constructed to allow researchers to analyze the different peace agreements. The unit of analysis is the peace agreement; consequently more than one agreement can be registered for one conflict- or dyad-year in the UCDP data. Each agreement is categorized as a comprehensive agreement, a partial agreement or a peace process agreement, depending on if the agreement is seen as a final product in a peace process or if the parties still have outstanding issues that have to be solved. Each agreement is also attributed with conflict, dyad and actor IDs from the other UCDP data to enhance the merging of different UCDP data collections.The UCDP Peace Agreement Dataset includes information on e.g. name, date, signatories and third parties of the agreement. Furthermore, it contains information on the provisions of the accords as well as different variables concerned with the termination of violence. 

Latest citation of the data: Högbladh, Stina, 2011. ”Peace agreements 1975-2011 - Updating the UCDP Peace Agreement dataset”, in Pettersson Therése & Lotta Themnér (eds.), 2012, States in Armed Conflict 2011, Uppsala University: Department of Peace and Conflict Research Report 99

Original citation of the data: Harbom, Lotta, Stina Högbladh and Peter Wallensteen. 2006. “Armed Conflict and Peace Agreements.” Journal of Peace Research 43(5).



Latest update: 17 December 2012

Older versions

UCDP Peace Agreement Dataset v. 1.0, 1989-2005



Replication Data 

Harbom, Lotta, Stina Högbladh & Peter Wallensteen (2006) Armed Conflict and Peace Agreements. Journal of Peace Research 43(5): 617-631

UCDP Peace Agreement replication Dataset v. 1.0, 1989-2005

Codebook UCDP Peace Agreement replication Dataset v. 1.0


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