Annekatrin Deglow receives award for her PhD thesis


The Department congratulates Dr. Annekatrin Deglow who has been awarded by the Lisbeth Holmgrens (born Carlsson) Memorial Fund for her dissertation Forces of Destruction and Construction. Local Conflict Dynamics, Institutional Trust and Postwar Crime

This award is one of Västmanlands-Dala student nation’s largest scholarship. The award is presented each year to a member of the nation who has successfully defended her/his PhD thesis in the psychiatric, humanistic, or social sciences, and then also done the foremost scientific presentation. The award was presented to Annekatrin Deglow at the 380-year anniversary of the Västmanlands-Dala student nation on the 16th November, by the Inspector of the Västmanlands-Dala student nation, Senior Professor Peter Wallensteen.

Annekatrin Deglow shares this year’s award with Malin Skinnars Josefsson who defended her thesis Food services and nutritional care in Swedish elderly care within the field of food studies, nutrition, and dietetics.


Senast uppdaterad: 2022-11-09