Geo-PKO 2.0: Global data on local peacekeeping deployments


Geo-PKO world map
UN Global Peacekeeping Deployments, 1994 - 2019 (highest troop count, by location)

A new version of the Geo-PKO dataset has just been released, together with an interactive platform and a user guide for working with the data in R Studio. 

The Geo-PKO dataset is a geocoded dataset of UN peacekeepers, containing information on the type, size, and national origin of peacekeeping units by deployment location. The Geo-PKO dashboard allows users to view static and animated maps of the data, download mission maps, and to extract detailed information about mission deployments. The Geo-PKO GitHub page provides the user with a guide to working with the data in R Studio. The full dataset and the codebook is available on the Geo-PKO dataset webpage in the DPCR's Research data section.  The Geo-PKO dataset is a collaborative effort by scholars from Uppsala University (Hanne Fjelde, Lisa Hultman, and Desirée Nilsson ) and University of Maryland (Deniz Cil). Research assistants Nguyen Ha, Lou van Roozendaal, and Tanushree Rao have created the Geo-PKO dashboard and the GitHub page.

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