New board of the DPCR Alumni Association elected


Picture from left: Victor Sundman, Lovisa Mickelsson, David Ermes, Magnus Öberg and Sayra van den Berg
Picture from left: Victor Sundman, Lovisa Mickelsson, David Ermes, Magnus Öberg
and Sayra van den Berg

The new Alumni board of 2014-2015 was elected during the annual DPCR Alumni Association General meeting on 2 June. 

A presentation of the new board members follows below:

President David Ermes was a part of the initial founding group of the Alumni. He studied the last two years in the Master's Programme at the DPCR and has a background in Political Science and Law. Professionally he was working in politics and NGO work. After finishing his degree in Uppsala this summer he will be working Berlin based in policy advice. David is very much looking forward to extending the network of the DPCR and to reinforce the exceptional network this department offers to us.

Vice-President Lovisa Mickelsson was originally one of the representatives from the bachelors level when funding the alumni association. She studies Peace and Conflict at bachelors level combined with Arabic and Military history. Lovisa has previously worked as a municipality officer, also within community art projects and volunteering in Kenya. She is looking forward to the second year with the DPCR alumni and the fulfilment of visions of what the alumni could be now and in the future.

Secretary Victor Sundman has just finished his second year in the Bachelor’s Programme of Peace and Development at the DPCR. The coming year he will write his thesis in Peace and Conflict Research and Development Studies. With his base in the Bachelor’s Programme he hopes to raise awareness about the network among his fellow students, and build up interest for the network and its activities.

Department Head Magnus Öberg will serve on as treasurer and Sayra van den Berg will be the future Department Liaison.

To become a member register through the Uppsala Univerisity Alumni Network or contact for further information.

Last modified: 2023-06-12