Alumni Talks 2019


The DPCR Alumni Association held its fifth Alumni Talks on 7 May. This year we welcomed Alberto Fernandez Gibaja and Martina Klimes, both alumnus from DPCR. The event was moderated by Professor Isak Svensson.

The Alumni Talks serves as a source of inspiration and advice to current students and recent graduates with regards to potential career paths following an education in peace and conflict studies. The alumni share information about their current jobs and the paths that lead them there and can provide insights gained along the way. It is an opportunity for students interested in pursuing similar careers to ask questions and build connections with those that have more working experience.

Speaker bio

Alberto Fernandez Gibaja (DPCR Master class of 2009) is a Programme Officer in the Political Participation and Representation Programme at International IDEA. Alberto's work focuses on the politics of economic development and its implications. He also explores the relationship between political participation and new technologies, i.e. the linkages between democratically elected institutions and organizations and citizens, and how technology can strengthen citizen's ownership of democracy. Previously, he worked as a Governance Officer for the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor Leste, among other positions.

Martina Klimes (DPCR Master class of 2006) is an Advisor for Water and Peace in the Transboundary Water Managment Dept. at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). In this role she is advising on SIWl's activities in transboundary basins affected by water scarcity, political tensions, and armed violence. Martina Klimes has over 10 years of experience working with dialogue facilitation, conflict resolution, political and security analysis, including practical work in the field and informal diplomacy processes. Her main research focus is on peace processes, incentives, and third party involvement in peace negotiations.

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