Replication data

This page contains replication data for a number of research articles by researchers at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research. Replication data for the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) and for ViEWS: a political Violence Early-Warning System are stored on their respective webpages. 

Climate, Flood, and Attitudes toward Violence: Micro-Level Evidence from Karamoja, Uganda

Von Uexkull, Nina, Agnese Loy, and Marco d’Errico. 2023. ‘Climate, Flood, and Attitudes toward Violence: Micro-Level Evidence from Karamoja, Uganda’. Regional Environmental Change 23 (2): 57.

Civil conflict sensitivity to growing season drought

von Uexkull, N., Croicu, M., Fjelde, H., & Buhaug, H. (2016). Civil conflict sensitivity to growing-season droughtProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences113(44), 12391–12396.

Communication Technology and Reports on Political Violence

Croicu, M., & Kreutz, J. (2017). Communication Technology and Reports on Political Violence: Cross-National Evidence Using African Events DataPolitical Research Quarterly70(1), 19–31. 

Community and Consent

In the article "Community and Consent: Unarmed Insurrections in Non-democracies" the authors Isak Svensson and Mathilda Lindgren explore popular challenges against the state through nonviolent means, differentiating between challenges towards the state apparatus (vertical legitimacy) and challenges of the state identity (horizontal legitimacy). The authors argue and find support for that unarmed insurrections will most likely succeed in fulfilling their goals when challenging the vertical, rather than the horizontal, legitimacy of the state. 

The article was published in the European Journal of International Relations in 2011. The replication data and the codebook can be accessed through the links below.


When are Women Deployed? 

Tidblad-Lundholm, Kajsa. (2020). "When are Women Deployed? Operational Uncertainty and Deployment of Female Personnel to UN Peacekeeping". International Peacekeeping.

Confronting the Caliphate:  Civil Resistance in Jihadist Porto-States

Mosul (zip-file)
Syria (zip-file)

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