FAQ about the Bachelor programme at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research


Q: How and when can I apply to the Bachelor programme in Peace and Development Studies?
A: The programmes only begins once a year, during the fall semester. You apply at www.antagning.se during the spring semester, deadline being around 15th of March.

Q: How and when can I apply to the freestanding courses (Bachelor level)?
A: You apply for the courses one semester in advance at www.antagning.se. Please note that all the courses are only given once a year.

Enrolment and registration

Q: How do I register to the programme after being enrolled?
A: After answering yes to the enrolment result, you should register to the first programme course, Peace and Conflict Studies A, at the Student Portal, after you have first activated your student account. Registration instructions will be available at the Student Portal. Please note that a welcome reception will be held one week before the semester begins.

Q: How do I register to the courses after being enrolled?
A: You register at the Student Portal after activating your student account. Instructions will be available at the Student Portal.

Q: I am on the waiting list to the programme/ course. What can I do?
A: The programme administrator will contact reserves by phone or email if needed. You do not have to do anything.

Other questions

Q: Where can I find the schedule?
A: Please go to www.schema.uu.se

Q: Where can I find information about the course literature?
A: You can find the course literature in the course syllabus.

Q: I am currently enrolled in another programme in Peace and Conflict Studies. Can I change to this programme?
A: Unfortunately no. One always need to apply to be enrolled to the programme. Application should be done during the spring semester since the programme only beings once during the fall semester.