Strategy regarding teaching and Covid 19 during fall 2020

Updated 25 September, 2020:

Before the summer break, the Department of Peace and Conflict Research decided to offer online teaching as the main mode of teaching for the whole fall semester (most MSSc level courses) and for the first half of the fall semester (for all BSSc level courses).

The department has now updated the strategy also for those courses where a decision was pending. Considering that the situation can change rapidly; that many teachers and students commute and some belong to risk groups; and after consulting all course and module conveners we have decided to continue with the same strategy that we implemented for the first half of the semester. Hence, we will offer online teaching as the primary mode of teaching for all courses and add campus activities only when possible, for those students that are willing and able to meet on campus. The extent to which campus teaching is offered will differ between courses and may be replaced with online teaching if the situation changes (with increasing infection rates and/or stricter restrictions) later in the fall. Basic information about each course that is affected by the policy is found below; specific instructions and more information about how the policy is adapted for each course will be distributed by the course conveners.

Peace and Conflict Studies A (“Peace and security in the international system” and “Security scenario analysis” modules). All lectures and other full-class activities will use digital teaching modes, with a mix of livestreamed and pre-recorded lectures. Some campus-based seminars may be offered, if conditions allow, for those students that are able and willing to meet in class room.  

Peace and Conflict Studies C (C-thesis): The baseline mode of teaching will be online for the whole module. Lectures, workshops and data labs will be held on zoom (live). Thesis supervision will be conducted in small groups. The primary consideration in forming supervision groups is to match students and their projects (in terms of topics and methodological approach) with supervisors. Some of the supervision groups may decide to convene on campus if social distancing is possible and if there is agreement among the participants.

War and Peace on Film: Most of the course will use online teaching; for instance, watching the movies in one’s own home (or somewhere else off campus). Some campus-based seminars may be offered, if conditions allow, for those students that are able and willing to meet in class room.  

Negotiation and Mediation in Practice: The main mode of teaching will be online; it will hence be possible for students in a risk group or not present in Uppsala to participate in the course. To the extent that the situation allows, some practical exercises will be done on campus for those students that are able and willing to meet.  

We make no commitments on online teaching for the spring semester 2021 at this stage.

For the most recent university-wide information for students regarding the corona virus, please visit the following page:

Please contact us should you have any questions at this point.

Erika Forsberg, Director of Studies:
Erik Melander, Head of Department: erik.melander@pcr.uu.s