Strategy regarding teaching and Covid 19

Updated 11 January 2022

Since fall 2021, the leadership of Uppsala University has decided that teaching should take place on campus. In light of the sharp increase in covid-19 cases, and based on new recommendations by the Swedish government and the Public Health Agency issued 10 and 11 January, the policy has now been slightly adapted.

According to these decisions, teaching should, if possible, continue to take place on campus, but with certain infection control measures being implemented. Online teaching can also be used as a tool to reduce crowding, or when appropriate infection control measures cannot be implemented, but should not be used as a full-time measure.

For the Department of Peace and Conflict Research (DPCR), this means the following:

  • The main form of teaching for all courses (except those designed as web-based correspondence courses) is regular campus-based teaching.
  • Small classes (seminars etc.) will be conducted on-site with appropriate infection control measures. Online seminar groups will be organized in some courses for those students who have special reasons (has to be approved by the course convener)
  • Larger classes will be held online for the first part of the spring semester if we are unable to implement appropriate infection control measures (e.g., when there are no large-enough lecture halls available).
  • The format of supervision meetings will be arranged by the supervisor and student on a case-by-case basis.
  • Infection control measure includes aiming for larger meeting rooms, open the windows before and between classes, and provide hand sanitizers and face masks.
  • More information about how this applies to each specific course will be distributed by the course conveners.

Everyone is reminded to follow the general recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, including:

  • Protect yourself by getting vaccinated. Uppsala University calls on all staff and students to take their responsibility by getting vaccinated.
  • Stay at home and take a test if you have symptoms.
  • Stay at home if someone else in your household tests positive for covid-19.
  • Keep your distance from other people and avoid crowding.
  • If possible, avoid public transport. If that’s not possible, use a face mask when travelling on public transport.

The recommendations in full are available at the Public Health Service website.

For the most recent university-wide information for students regarding the coronavirus, please visit the following page:

Stay safe and healthy! We hope this recent wave will be a short one and that we are soon back to normal. Please contact us should you have any questions at this point.

Erika Forsberg, Director of Studies:
Ashok Swain, Head of Department:

Last modified: 2022-04-25