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The Department of Peace and Conflict Research offers a PhD programme that lasts for 4 years, including compulsory course work corresponding to about 1 year of fulltime studies. PhD candidates are often involved in teaching or administration up to 20% of their time, so it may take up to 5 years to complete the PhD programme. The purpose of the PhD programme is to make students capable of scientific research. It includes both course work and the completion of a PhD thesis. A PhD degree is of value for further academic research and teaching activities as well as for advanced professional work outside the academic world.

It is important for prospective applicants to note that PhD candidates at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, as with most Swedish universities, become employees of the university, that is, they are not seen as students. A consequence of this is that there are no tuition fees, but normally there are also no scholarships available.

Swedish as well as foreign students can apply. Only a limited number of students are admitted. Basic studies in peace and conflict studies or related subjects are required for admission. The application needs to include essays/writing samples in the form of a BA and/or an MA thesis or an essay corresponding to a C-level/Master-level course paper in the social sciences. Applicants should also present a plan for a possible research project leading to a dissertation.

The Department strives to advertise one or more faculty-funded PhD candidate positions in connection with any given admission opportunity. Applicants with external funding need to apply in the regular round of applications and are assessed according to the same criteria as for faculty-funded positions. At a minimum, to be considered, the applicant needs to document guaranteed full external financing for at least 2 years. External funding here refers to two types of financing organisation: either a reputed research council or an equivalent research funding organisation with a professional capacity to independently assess the quality of applications or a national/international governmental/non-governmental organisation that wants to sponsor one of its employees, for example, to raise the professional competence of the person in question.

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For information about the admission process, see the webpage how to apply to the PhD programme.

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Hanne Fjelde (Director of Studies, PhD Programme)

Last modified: 2024-01-22