Class XX (2021-2023)

Class XX from the left: Mazza Dolib, Megan Dumas, Amina Ahmed, Munnu Kallany, Daniel Martinez, Noha Yasser, Catalina Robayo, Fahyia Rashid. Missing: Cynthia Abazie

In September of 2021 The Uppsala Rotary Peace Center welcomed a new group of talented and dedicated Peace Fellows; Class XX. They come from different countries and backgrounds, all contributing to enrich the Peace and Conflict Master Program. 

Mazza Dolib

Mazza is a Sudanese Fellow interested in how food security programming can contribute to peace and development, as well as policies specialising in peacebuilding, reconciliation, and negotiation in fragile states in Africa after conflicts occurred. she plans to generate innovative knowledge in the field of peacebuilding in fragile states and share it with younger generation in Sudan.

She worked with several international organisations, including the United Nations World Food Programme in Sudan as Programme Officer Provide conceptual and technical support in designing and operationalizing the Community Feedback Mechanisms (CFM) scale-up strategy, including set up of the Helpline to be in line with WFP Protection and Accountability to Affected Populations Policy.

Mazza is passionate about and committed to designing and supporting delivery of large-scale projects that contribute to Africa’s in particular focus in Sudan transformation through educational reform, leadership development, gender equality and youth empowerment.

She has a Bachelor of Art in Rural Extension Education and Development and hold a master’s degree in Humanitarian Assistance and Post-Disaster Development from Ahfad University for Women in Sudan specializing in Humanitarian Assistance and Post-Disaster Development.

She is sponsored by Rotary District 2452.

Catalina Robayo

Catalina Robayo is a Colombian fellow with adacemic experience in gender studies and transitional justice. Her interests are related to peacebuilding, transitional justice mechanisms, security and protection for human rights defenders.

Her field experience includes work in non-governmental organizations, humanitarian visits, trainings and reports on human rights. She also worked as a legislative advisor during the implementation of the Peace Agreement in the Colombian Congress, where she followed up on the Peace Commission and the victim's reparation policy commission. 

She served as a volunteern in international organizations such as the International Center for Transitional Justice and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. 

She has a Bachelor's degree in political science from the Universidad Nacional and a law degree from the Universidad Santo Tomas, and is a specialist in human rights and IHL from the Universidad Externado. Her sponsor district is 2320.

Munnu Tomy Kallany

Munnu Tomy Kallany is a highly motivated and analytical researcher in the field of international relations and peacebuilding. Her research revolves around Asia-Pacific security, nuclear non-proliferation, gender policy, and state-civil society relations.

Professionally, she has several years of experience in policy and communications in India and the US. From 2012- 14, she has worked as the research assistant to the former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Ambassador of India to the U.S. As a reporter for the daily, The Hindu, and a contributor at the Diplomatic Courier, she has published numerous human-interest stories. In her recent role as an Environment, Sustainability, and Governance analyst at ISS, she investigated violations and created risk assessment reports on publicly traded companies.

Ms. Kallany is sponsored by Rotary district 3250 of Ranchi, India. She is a graduate of the M.A. in International Affairs program at American University, Washington, D.C., and holds a bachelor’s degree in Media & Communications, Psychology, and English Literature from Christ University, India.

Amina Adhan Ahmed

Amina Ahmed is a humanitarian professional with over 4 years of professional experience in designing and implementing humanitarian programs. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations (Peace and Conflict Studies Concentration).

Amina’s has held various leadership positions including as a member of the East African Community Youth Ambassadors Platform (EACYAP). Amina’s proactive leadership and engagement in youth development work has seen her selected to participate in youth forums on peace and democracy.

Amina is an adept writer who has published an article on Democracy and Good Governance in Africa focusing on the African Union Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance and co-authored a book chapter on minority rights.

Amina is passionate about transformation of communities through education. She served in Tuwakuze Africa, a youth led education focused non-profit, as a Partnership and Strategy Coordinator, volunteering for the organization for over 3 years. She is sponsored by District 9212.

Bernabé Daniel Martínez

Bernabé Daniel is a Mexican fellow with interest in humanitarian aid, as well as peace building strategies to mitigate the violence refugees face on their forced displacement and local integration. 

Daniel is a young professional who has volunteered and worked in humanitarian aid organisations focused on delivering relif to immigrants, refugees and internally displaced people. During his experience, he has been able to participate at different stages of humanitarian aid, from providing first hand humanitarian assitance, to participating in other activities related to research, funding, human rights advocacy and project management, the latter focused on the implementation of local integration programs for refugees in Mexico, most of the from Central and South America. 

He holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Technológico de Monterrey Institute. His sponsor district is 4170.

Megan Dumas

Megan is Fellow from the US interested in the gendered dynamics of armed conflict and their ability to inform gender-sensitive peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction. Her primary areas of interest are combating sexual violence as a weapon of war and the inclusion of survivor-centered approaches in peace and reconciliation processes.

Meggie’s academic and professional background is in Global Health with particular focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) and gender-based violence (GBV). Her experience in GBV commenced as a Minnesota state-certified Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor. She then worked with GBV in post-conflict settings within the East African context, completing an internship in Kampala, Uganda where she later conducted research on the accessibility of SRHR services for refugees. Most recently, Meggie became involved in Menstrual Health as a Project Manager, and later the Acting Co-Executive Director, in INGO WoMena Uganda. Her work within the organization focused on the provision of menstrual health support and reproductive solutions, such as the menstrual cup, in Uganda’s refugee settlements as well as in more rural contexts.

Noha Yasser

Noha Yasser is 29 years old from Egypt. She is a researcher with experience in peace building, conflict resolution and social development. She has worked as consultant and researcher for international organisations focusing on topics such as sexual and gender-based violence, migration and refugees’ issues as well as education.

She has been in charge of designing, implementing and monitoring projects with grassroots organizations as well as national and international actors. Her experience also includes qualitative and quantitative methods, which have enabled her to produce high-quality research, studies and reports.

Noha gained strong conflict management and humanitarian skills respectively. She has become well versed in formulating goals, researching methods, analysing data, and generating detailed reports.

As a researcher, she contributed to knowledge generation on issues related to peace and development, which is accomplished through design of research on development issues in fragile environments, conducting operational research, and disseminating research analysis.

Noha focused on assessing historical trends in warfare and violence, have also increasingly analysed the comparative efficacy or failure of violent and nonviolent strategies. Noha is now looking for the next step in her career to promote peace and prevent conflict.

The rotary peace fellowship is a perfect opportunity to take this step. Noha will contribute to this program by sharing her experiences with her colleagues to develop practical tools in promoting peace and preventing conflict.

Fahiya Rashid

Fahiya is an American-Bangladeshi Fellow who is interested in the democratization process in developing countries, democratic-backsliding, and mediation. She would like to strengthen her knowledge on quantitative and qualitative methodologies to create additional lenses for perception assessment. She believes a mixed method approach and effective communication skills plays a strong role in understanding the background and the nuances of a conflict.

Fahiya’s academic and professional experience includes designing and conducting a research project that analyzed the differences between women working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental institutions (GIs) and the progress both sectors were making towards women’s empowerment and economic development in Bangladesh, working for a think-tank focused on domestic policy, regional trade, and citizen security in Bangladesh. In addition, she worked for a Foundation connected to Heidelberg University that provides assistance to the reconstruction and/or restructuring of internal organizations of states which have experienced radical change in relation to their constitutional law such as Afghanistan, Sudan, or Somalia, as well as new states risen from secession such as South Sudan.

Fahiya holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of California, Irvine and a MA in South Asian Studies with a focus on Political Science and History from Universität Heidelberg. She is sponsored by Rotary district 5280.

Ugochi Cynthia Abazie

Cynthia is a lawyer, human rights activist and gender specialist with extensive experience working in international development in Nigeria and Australia. She previously worked as the Project Manager, Society for British Council Nigeria and World Vision Australia coordinating projects focused on improving girl child education, eliminating gender-based violence within refugee populations and improving women’s participation in peace building. Just before her rotary fellowship, she worked as the Manager, Global Programs, Every Woman Treaty, an international organization with a global coalition of gender activists working to advance a global treaty to end all forms of violence against women.

Cynthia’s research interests focus on women’s inclusion in peace building and the gendered impact of armed conflict. She hopes to utilize the skills obtained from the Rotary Fellowship to promote gender inclusion in peace building, address issues of social justice and strengthen early warning mechanisms in the prevention of armed conflict that leave women vulnerable to sexual abuse and violence in conflict situations.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law with a Second class Upper Division from the University of Nigeria and also holds a Master’s degree in Governance and Public Policy graduating with a Distinction from the University of Queensland, Australia.

She was sponsored by the Rotary District 9600 Aspley, Brisbane, Australia.

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