Environment and conflict

Research at the Department related to the topic of environment and conflict.

Petroleum, prices and protests: The impact of climate change mitigation on social unrest

Project leader: Nina von Uexkull

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Project leader: Stefan Döring

This research uses geo-referenced conflict and water data, mostly covering Africa and the Middle East. A particular focus of this work lies in improving conflict analysis by utilising insights from hydrology. On one hand, the research deals with water as a potential source for violent conflict between non-state groups, e.g. in communal disputes or fighting between rebel groups.  But the project also examines where water is used to cooperate peacefully.

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MISTRA Geopolitics  

Project leader: Håvard Hegre (2017-2020) Nina von Uexkull (2021-2024)

Mistra Geopolitics examines the interactions between geopolitics, human security and global environmental change.

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Subnational water conflict: Community resistance against dams in Myanmar

Project leader: Kyungmee Kim

The dissertation project focuses on the role of hydropower dams on subnational conflicts. 

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Understanding Environmental Peacebuilding

Project leader: Florian Krampe

This project is focusing on environmental peacebuilding, as the link between post-conflict peacebuilding and environmental governance and natural resource management.

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International Rivers: Conflicts and Cooperations

Project leader: Ashok Swain

The purpose of this study is to determine under what conditions, the water sharing arrangement over the international rivers fails or succeeds in the water scarcity regions of the world.

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