Handbook of Religion and Society


Project leader Professor Isak Svensson has contributed with the chapter 'Conflict and Peace' to the recently published Handbook of Religion and Society, a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for scholars, students, policy makers, and other professionals seeking to understand the role of religion in society. 

Drawing on empirical studies in peace and conflict research, Professor Svensson examines the dual role of religion in war and peacebuilding processes. Religious factors may play a role in creating the structural conditions and proximity causes that spark wars and violence, but also contribute to the intensification of conflicts, polarization, and an increase in hostile demands. Yet, religious factors are also important in accounting for peaceful developments.

Isak Svensson (ed): 'Conflict and Peace', in David Yamane: Handbook of Religion and Society (Springer), 2016, p 467-484.