Interviews in Mindanao, Philippines


Photo by Mark Juergensmeyer

Professor Mark Juergensmeyer, who is a core group member of the project, has published two features on his website, which are based on interviews from his fieldwork in Mindanao, Philippines. 

His research was conducted in Marawi and Cotabato City. Marawi saw intense fighting between Philippine army forces and different ISIS-affiliated groups, between May to November 2017. Speaking to local civilians, Juergensmeyer sheds light upon the highly disruptive effects of this battle, as it left most of the city in ruins and many of its inhabitants displaced. The article about Marawi can be accessed here.

Another interview with a lawyer and former high-rank general of the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front provides valuable insights and personal reflections regarding the peace process with the Philippine government. The interviewee, still a formal member of the armed group, also explains how he seeks to prevent teenagers in the area from joining ISIS-affiliated groups. To read the full article, follow this link.

Prof. Juergensmeyer is a core group member of the project "Resolving Jihadist Conflicts? Religion, Civil War, and Prospects for Peace".