Project participants and collaborative networks

Core Group

  • Professor Isak Svensson
  • Professor Ebrahim Moosa
  • Professor Mark Juergensmeyer
  • Associate Professor Desirée Nilsson
  • Assistant Professor Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs
  • Assistant Professor Emin Poljarevic
  • Dr. Mona Kanwal Sheikh

Advisory Board

  • Senior Professor Peter Wallensteen
  • Professor Emeritus Jan Hjärpe
  • Professor Monica Toft
  • Professor Emeritus William I. Zartman

Working Group

The project also benefits from the active participation of a carefully selected Working Group, whose members will function as a highly useful peer-review network. Some will also contribute with their own research publications within the project. The Working Group draws together area expertise on jihadist conflicts in different geographical areas as well as scholars with a general expertise on religion and conflicts: on the Middle East, in particular Syria and Iraq (Professor Leif Stenberg, Lund University), Egypt and Palestine (Dr. Jeroen Gunning, Durham University), and the wider Middle East (Professor Mohammad Fazlhashemi, Uppsala University); the Horn of Africa (Professor Ken Menkhaus, Davidson College); Africa, particularly Mali and Nigeria (Dr. Morten Bøås, Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, NUPI); Afghanistan (Dr. Astri Suhrke, Chr. Michelsen Institute, CMI); Asia, in particular Indonesia (Dr. Munim Sirry, University of Notre Dame), Myanmar and Southern Thailand (Dr. Marte Nilsson, Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO); global patterns of religious conflicts (Professor Matthias Basedau, German Institute of Global and Area Studies, GIGA); religious conflicts and sexual violence (Dr. Ragnhild Nordås, Peace Research Institute Oslo, PRIO), and mediation and conflict resolution (Dr. Govinda Clayton, University of Kent).