New funding for research on links between geopolitical and environmental change


The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra, announced a 60 million SEK funding package to the interdisciplinary research programme Mistra Geopolitics. Uppsala University is one of the core partners in this programme.

In its second phase, 2021-2024, Mistra Geopolitics will cover diverse aspects on links between geopolitical and environmental change in four thematic work packages, food security, sustainable oceans, decarbonisation and emerging technologies. At the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Håvard Hegre and Nina von Uexkull will work on forecasting population displacement from complex emergencies, areas exposed to violent conflict and climate-related hazards. This subproject builds on the ViEWS forecasting infrastructure and will also recruit a new PhD student.

The Mistra Geopolitics programme is hosted by Stockholm Environment Institute and includes the Universities of Linköping, Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala, and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in Sweden, in addition to international partners. Nina von Uexkull will be node leader for Uppsala University and lead the Food Security work package of the research programme.

Last modified: 2022-11-09