Environmental Goals and Policies at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research


The Department of Peace and Conflict Research is an
internationally leading research and educational environment for
the study of peace and conflict issues. As such, we are
internationally-oriented in our activities: we invite international
guests, attend meetings and conferences in Sweden and abroad,
and carry out long travels for field work. Such activities leave
substantial environmental footprints. Our goal is to continue to be
a thriving international research and educational milieu, and to
contribute to produce high-quality research and education on
issues of importance for human welfare (including on
environmental issues). However, in light of the negative
environmental impact of some our research-related activities we
are simultaneously committed to finding creative ways to gradually
decrease our environmental impact.

Environmental Goals

The overall environmental goal of the Department is to
significantly reduce the negative impact of the Department’s
activities. Three spheres are in focus:

  •  Travel
  •  Energy supply
  • Sustainability in office consumption

Policies and recommendations in these spheres are available

In light of escalating climate change the top priority in terms of
environmental policies is, beginning in 2019, to reduce our
environmental impact in the form of reducing travel by airplane.

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