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Board and Strategies of the Department of Peace and Conflict Research

The Department of Peace and Conflict Research (DPCR) is managed by the Head of Department (prefekt) and the board of the Department. The board is chaired by the Head of Department and consists of elected members from four corporations: teacher/researchers, technical/administrative staff, PhD students, and Bachelor's/Master's students. The board decides on guidelines for the Department’s activities and on matters submitted to the board. The Head of Department, the deputy Head of Department, and the two Directors of Studies (one for the undergraduate and advanced level, and one for the doctoral level) and their deputies are responsible for the direct management of the Department’s activities and the implementation of board decisions.

Members of the board

The members of the DPCR board are listed below. 

Head of the Department 

Teacher/researcher - corporation

PhD candidate - corporation

TA - corporation

Student - corporation

  • Sara Razavi Kelishadi, student rep. ordinary 
  • Aminata Touray, student rep. ordinary
  • Clara Karlquist, student rep. deputy
  • Maria Catalina Robayo Serrano, student rep. deputy


  • The goal of research at the Department is to understand the causes, dynamics and resolution of violent conflict. The goal is attained through maintaining and further enhancing internationally recognised academic excellence.
  • The goal of education at the Department is that the education shall be academically excellent and professionally relevant.
  • The goal of the Department’s interaction with society is to supply information about research and developments in the field of peace and conflict research to actors outside of academia.
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