Negotiation and mediation

Research at the Department related to the topic of negotiation and mediation.


Project leader: Corinne Bara 

How do ceasefire agreements shape the trajectory of violence in civil war zones? Under what conditions do they stop the killing, and when do they open up new front lines and trigger shifts in the actors, forms, and locations of violence instead? In this project we create a global dataset of all ceasefires in civil wars between 1989 and 2020 to investigates these questions.

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Durable Resolution of Communal Conflicts

Project leader: Emma Elfversson

How is sustainable peace achieved in situations of local communal conflict? This project explores the role of the state and non-state actors in addressing such conflicts, focusing on cases in Africa. It investigates the dynamics between local conflict resolution processes and central government strategies, employing both qualitative and quantitative methods. Case studies focus on communal conflicts in Kenya.

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Ending Atrocities: Third Party Interventions into Civil Wars

Project leader: Lisa Hultman 

This project aims to explore the role of third parties in civil war, with a particular emphasis on evaluating a broad set of measures to end atrocities and violent conflicts with disastrous consequences for the civilian population. 

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An Impediment or Inducement to Peace? The Inclusion of Civil Society Actors in Peace Processes

Project leader: Desirée Nilsson

Does the involvement of civil society actors in civil war peace processes affect the success or failure of the peace negotiations, and does it affect the long-term prospects for sustainable peace in developing post-war societies? In addressing these important questions, this project focuses on the relevance of the number of civil society actors involved, the type of actors, and their various roles and function during the process.

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