1st International Working Group Conference


Photo: Gudlaug Ólafsdóttir. Left to right: Isak Svensson, Joel Ahlberg,
I William Zartman, Mark Juergensmeyer, Monica Toft, Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs

The research project "Resolving Jihadist Conflicts? Religion, Civil War, and Prospects for Peace" held its 1st International Working Group Conference in Uppsala 5-8 September.

The conference gathered around 30 scholars and professionals from multiple disciplines to discuss the concept of 'jihadist conflict' and revise the analytical framework of the project. As a part of the conference, a public seminar, Resolving Jihadist Wars: Prospects and Challenges, was organized on Tuesday 6 September together with the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA). Prof. Monica Toft (University of Oxford) delivered the keynote address before a panel discussion also including project leader Prof. Isak Svensson (Uppsala University), Prof. I William Zartman (Johns Hopkins University), Prof. Mark Juergensmeyer (University of California Santa Barbara), Joel Ahlberg (FBA), and Dr. Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs (FBA) as the moderator. Drawing a large audience, the panel (pictured above) debated a number of key questions related to the conditions under which jihadist armed conflicts can be resolved.