Thank you for an excellent seminar


From left: Professor Jan Hjärpe (Lund University), Professor Isak Svensson (Uppsala University), Professor Tomas Lindgren (Umeå University), Assistant Professor Emin Poljarevic (Uppsala University), Professor Göran Larsson (University of Gothenburg), Dr. Mona Kanwal Sheikh (Danish Institute for International Studies), Dr. Jannie Lilja (World Bank), Associate Professor Desirée Nilsson (Uppsala University), Dr. Henrik Angerbrandt (Stockholm University), Daniel Finnbogason (Uppsala University), Dr. Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs (Folke Bernadotte Academy), Professor Kristine Höglund (Uppsala University), Professor I William Zartman (Johns Hopkins University), Professor Peter Wallensteen (Uppsala University), Associate Professor Marco Nilsson (Jönköping University). Photo: Dino Krause (Uppsala University).

Last week, we organized the special seminar “Ripe for resolution? Developing hypotheses for ending jihadist conflicts”. The seminar took place in conjunction with Professor I William Zartman’s (Johns Hopkins University) conferment as honorary doctor at Uppsala University, and aimed at developing a set of hypotheses on the conditions under which Islamist armed conflicts may be ripe for conflict resolution.

The seminar was facilitated by project leader Professor Isak Svensson (Uppsala University) and Dr. Jannie Lilja (World Bank). After brief introductions to the topic by Professor Zartman, Professor Peter Wallensteen (Uppsala University), Associate Professor Desirée Nilsson (Uppsala University), and Dr. Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs (Folke Bernadotte Academy), followed a rich and insightful discussion on the conditions for ripeness in Islamist armed conflicts. 

We are happy to have hosted such a distinguished group of scholars from various disciplines and areas of expertise. We wish to thank you all for your contributions to the discussion. Special thanks to Professor Zartman and congratulations to the honorary doctor promotion. We carry on with plenty of new ideas and inspiration!