What We Know - and Don't Know - about Religious Civil Wars


The aftermath of a Boko Haram bombing in Nigeria. Photo via Global Panorama.

Check out Prof. Isak Svensson and Associate Prof. Desirée Nilsson's new blog post in Political Violence @ a Glance, "What We Know - and Don't Know - about Religious Civil Wars." 

"In general, then, conflicts fought over religious issues tend to be difficult cases. Still, there are several examples of conflicts that have been resolved although they were originally framed as disputes over (at least partly) religious issues."

Drawing on their recently published article in Journal of Conflict Resolution 62(5) 2018, Svensson and Nilsson shed light on three widely held beliefs about religious conflicts: 1) Armed conflicts between actors from different religious identities are becoming more common; 2) Islamist armed conflicts are increasing; and 3) Religious claims cannot be negotiated.

The blog post can be accessed here.

Prof. Isak Svensson is the project leader of "Resolving Jihadist Conflicts?". Associate Prof. Desirée Nilsson is a member of the research project's Core Group.