Policy Dialogue Day


The Policy Dialogue Day is an event organized by the V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) Institute, the QoG (Quality of Government) Institute, GLD-Gothenburg (Program for Governance and Local Development), UCPD (Uppsala Conflict Data Program) and ViEWS (a Political Violence Early- Warning System). The conference aims to provide insight on questions relating to democracy and governance, and to serve as a meeting platform for practitioners, policy makers, and academics.

This year's Policy Dialogue Day takes place 22 May in Gothenburg. Last year's event brought together 200 policymakers and academics. This year the conference heading is “New Challenges to Democracy, Governance, and Peace” and over the course of six panels consisting of representatives from the policy community will discuss with researchers how large-scale societal changes affect democracy, governance and peace both at national and local level. Issues on the table will be expanded access to social media and digital tools is shaking up political communication; rapid changes due to globalization challenge national and local governance; a rise in identity politics, political exclusion and populism threatens democratic progress and good governance; and non-state actors are increasingly involved in various aspects of governance.

ViEWS team members and research associates will be presenting in several panels.

In order to read more about the conference, see the programme and register, please visit:

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Last modified: 2023-01-05