Internship Courses at the Master level

The Department offers elective internship courses to students at the Master (MSSc) and Bachelor (BSSc) levels. 

At the MSSc level, the elective internship courses are available during the Autumn term of the second year of study. Courses offered are Internship in Peace and Conflict Studies (30 credits) and Internship in Peace and Conflict Studies A or B (15 credits).  These courses are part of the Master Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies. They relate to the overall learning objectives of that programme, namely, to give the student a thorough understanding of advanced issues in peace and conflict research in order to be able to critically examine, assess and analyse the origin, dynamics and resolution of armed conflicts on a scientific basis. The student acquires knowledge and skills that give the capacity for independent and critical assessment, the ability to solve problems self-reliantly and the ability to monitor the development of knowledge obtained by peace and conflict research.

Students must early on begin planning for, and pursuing internship opportunities. The Department is not responsible for securing placements.  In particular, internships must meet the following criteria:

  1. The internship is relevant to peace and conflict studies at the MSSc level. Previous internships are not accepted in lieu of, or applied retroactively.
  2. The internship takes place within the academic calendar dates and entails the appropriate, required number of working weeks: 20 weeks for 30 credits; or 10 weeks for 15 credits. Students should consult the university academic calendar.
  3. The internship hosting institution requires full-time work on behalf of the student.
  4. The internship does not entail travel to, or habitation in an area or territory that is on the ‘no-go’ list of non-essential travel published by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. The internship is scheduled so that the student/intern is ready to actively participate in the Master’s thesis course starting on the first Monday of the following Spring Term, in January.

All internships are graded (Pass/Fail) for academic credit, based on the submission of a final student report, and an evaluation letter from the internship institution supervisor.

Essential information

Before applying for an internship

For information about eligibility, timing, registration and who to contact for further assistance, refer to the Internship Course Process Guide (pdf).

Before the academic term/period 

To apply for registration for an internship course, students must complete and submit an online Internship Plan

Optional supporting document

If students would like to have documentation of their final internship arrangements from their internship hosting institution/organisation they may use the attached form, entitled Internship Assignment Form. Please download, fill out and keep for your records. 

Note: Once students are registered in the course they will be expected to complete additional, required documentation in Student Portal, within two weeks of the internship term.


The date for completion and submission of the Internship Plan varies according to the term calendar. Forthcoming date for the Autumn term is:

Autumn Term: 31 May 2024

Erasmus traineeship

If you are planning to do an internship in Europe (outside Sweden) then you may look at the Erasmus traineeship grant. Please note that this grant is administrated by the central Division for Internationalisation so please refer to their website for information and contact them if you have questions. 

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