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Academic Calendar

Find the semester dates of the current, previous and coming academic year.

Academic leave of absence

Under certain conditions, you may take a break from your studies. In order to have a guaranteed place in the programme upon your return, you need to apply for an academic leave of absence.

Read more about the general information on academic leave of absence (redirect to central university page) and conditions stated by the Higher Education Ordinance (in Swedish) that guarantees approval.

You can apply for leave of absence by filling out the online form: in Swedish or in English.

If you have any questions you can contact the study counsellors. You can find their contact details at the end of this page.

Academic results and certificates

You can order and print out ’Electronic certificates’ at the Student Portal. You can order both Academic results and Registration certificates.

Course application

If you are a Bachelor programme student, apart from the first two programme courses during the first year: 'Peace and Conflict Studies A', and 'Development Studies A', you will need to apply for all the other courses that you are going to study on It is important that you following the respective deadlines.

In addition to, you can search for courses offered at Uppsala University in the online course catalogue. Apart from applying in time, it is also important that you apply correctly. For programme courses, ie courses within Peace and Conflict plus Development Studies, you should apply as 'within programme' and thus receive guaranteed places. For any other courses* you should normally have a better chance of getting a place if you apply as 'freestanding courses' as then you will be able to compete with your past academic results.

You can read more about applying to courses within a program at the university's central webpage (in Swedish only) and in this document explaining how you should apply depending on the kind of courses (PDF).

*as of spring 2018: The Department of Government and the Department of Linguistic and Philology (only language courses) give priority to our programme students. Apply as 'within programme' for these courses.

Course catalogue

You can find all the courses that are offered at Uppsala University in the online course catalogue where you can filter results by e.g. subject, amount of credits and period. This is particularly useful if you are searching for an elective course.

Course literature

Textbooks can be purchased at the Akademibokhandeln (Stora Torget) and Campusbokhandeln (Skolgatan 1). You can also purchase books online at the following webshops:

Other readings, e.g. articles, can usually be downloaded from the Student Portal or library catalogue. You will find this information in the course guide for each course.


The Bachelor's programme in Peace and Development Studies, 180 credits
The Bachelor programme in Peace and Development Studies leads to a Bachelor of Social Science with Peace and Conflict Studies or Development Studies as the main field of study. A Bachelor’s degree consists of a total of 180 credits of completed courses, whereas at least 90 credits have to be within the main field of study, and at least 30 credits has to be within the other main field of studies. The rest, 60 credits, is for elective courses.

It is also possible to apply for two Bachelor degrees by studying 90 credits in both main fields of studies.

The graduation ceremony is co-arranged within the Faculty of Social Science.

The Master's programme in Peace and Conflict Studies
Degree of Master of Social Science, 120 credits
The programme leads to a Degree of Master of Social Science, 120 credits, with Peace and Conflict Studies as the main field of study. The two-year Master's degree requires 120 credits with at least 60 credits being in Peace and Conflict Studies including the Master's thesis (degree project) of 30 credits

Degree of Master of Social Science, 60 credits
After one year of study, it is also possible to finish with a Degree of Master of Social Science, 60 credits. For the one-year Master's degree, 60 credits are required, with at least 30 credits in Peace and Conflict Studies, including the Master's thesis (degree project) of 15 credits.

Read more about degree requirements.

It is very important that you remember to apply for your degree certificate when you are ready with your studies. 


Schedules of the classes you are taking are available at the student portal and at

Study counselling

If you have questions regarding your studies, or wish to talk to someone about the programmes, you are welcome to first contact the programme administrator/ study counsellor for each programme:

Bachelor's programme
Chris Chau
018-471 2379

Master's programme
Ingalill Blad Ögren
018-471 2349

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