Minor Field Study Reports

Sponsored by SIDA. If you wish to access reports earlier than 2013, please contact Anders Themnér.







  • Huang, JingJing, Attitudes toward Rural Migrant Workers -In-depth interviews with 24 educated Shanghai residents, 2012


  • Bergman, Adam, Ethnic Federalism in Nepal: A Remedy for a Stagnating Peace Process or an Obstacle to Peace and Stability?, 2011
  • Hellsing Rydergård, Erika, Decentralisation and Public Participation in Borispil’, Ukraine, 2011
  • Johansson, Tina, The effectiveness of CIMIC in peace operations: From the view of the local people, 2011
  • Karlsson, Krister, China & Peacekeeping: Contributions to UN Peace Operations from 2000-2010 and the Theory of Offensive Realism, 2011


  • Vilkko, Valter, Al-Shabaab: From External Support to Internal Extraction, A Minor Field Study on the Financial Support from the Somali Diaspora to al-Shabaab, 2010 


  • Nilsson, Marcus, Peace by Proxy? The impact of the Life-Link program in Jordan and its possible expansion., 2009
  • Cristiensen, Katja H., Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism in the Horn of Africa: IGAD as a Pioneer in Regional Conflict Prevention in Africa. 2009


  • Swidan, Frida, "Reconciliation in the Midst of Conflict - The Parents Circle, a Reconciliation Initiative between Palestinians and and Israelis", 2008 
  • Johansson, Emma. "Truth, Reconciliation and Post-Conflict Democratization: A Minor Field Study on the Implications of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Societal Transformation in South Africa", 2008.
  • Söderström, Jenny. "NGO Conflict Resolution Efforts - Drop in the Ocean or Drop that Ripples the Ocean?", 2008
  • Riesenfeld, Camilla, "Instruments of Reconciliation? Potentials and risks of reparation measures in post-conflict Guatemala", 2008
  • Lindberg, Sara, "Strategies to Inform and Reform: UNMIL's Engagement in Media and Information Management in Post-Conflict Liberia", 2008


  • Pejcic, Mirella, "Minority Rights in Serbia: Implementation of the Framework for the Protection of National Minorities in a Post-Conflict Serbia", 2007
  • Tsadik, Hannah, "Affecting the Future? A Sida Minor Field Study of the Ethiopian Transitional Justice Trials Summer 2007", 2007
  • Rangdrol, David, "Religious Nationalism in Nepal: Understanding the Demise of the Hindu Kingdom", 2007


  • Sundberg, Ralph and Stefan Vestergren, "Missed Opportunities in the Wake of Disaster - the Bargaining Process Applied to Post-tsunami Sri Lanka", 2005


  • Brosché, Johan and Maria Nilsson, "Zambian Refugee Policy – Security, Repatriation and Local Integration", 2004.
  • Otlu, Silan, "Violence in Armed Conflicts - Motivation for Political Action? A Field Study of Women in Turkey/Kurdistan", 2004.
  • Lundgren, Kerstin, "In the Aftermath of War – The Reintegration of Ex-Combatants in Mindanao and Its Wider Implications for Development Cooperation", 2004.
  • Bedoui, Kadidja, "The Puzzle of Violence Against Civilians: The Radicalisation Process in the Palestinian and Algerian Conflicts", 2004.
  • Lindblom, Lina, "Democracy and the Evolution of a Culture of Prevention ­ Lessons from Guatemala 1993 ­ 2003", 2004. 67 pages.


  • Sträng Haraldsson, M., "Chinese Water Scarcity as a Source of Cooperation?" (2003). 65 pages. 
  • Elowson, Camilla, "Intergroup Contact and Cultural Normalisation – A field Study in South Africa" (2003). 107 pages. 


  • Nilsson, Anders, "Making Peace with Islamists – Lebanon in Focus" (2002). 78 pages. 
  • Tötterman, Petra, "A Comparative Study of the Peace-Oriented Women’s Organizations in Israel and Palestine – From the First to the Second Intifada" (2002). 54 pages. 


  • Berggren, Malin, "Supporting Peace? The Impact of Neighbouring Countries on Intrastate Peace Processes" (2001). 67 pages. 
  • Svensson, Isak, "Confidence Building Measures in Intrastate Conflict: Lessons from the 1994-95 Peace Process in Sri Lanka" (2001). 33 pages. 


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  • Pousard, Å.: "The Democratic Transformation of Political Culture and Civil-Military Relations in Slovenia in the 1990s" (2000). 55 pages. 
  • Fogelmarck, A.: "Towards a Consolidated Democracy. A Study of the Democratic Culture in Namibia" (2000). 74 pages (plus appendix). 


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  • Ingestedt, M.: "Crime in South Africa: A Threat to State Legitimacy?" (1999). 33 pages. 
  • Linvall, K.: "Aid Effectiveness. Swedish Assistance to the Democratisation Process in South Africa" (1999). 53 pages (plus appendix). 
  • Kärre, J.: "Statehood and the Palestinian Authority: Considerations on Stability" (1999). 55 pages. 


  • Liman, H.: "The OAU in Mediation and Peace Processes: A Study of the OAUs Mediation Methods and their Successful Results" (1998). 63 pages. 


  • Birkoff, C.F.: "Conflict Resolution in Local Communities: A field study comparing outsider-neutral and insider-partial mediators in South Africa" (1997). 43 pages. 
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